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Mirandola Media

Mirandola Media is a private limited company that I formed in April 2018. It is an independent publishing and media platform that aims to house a portfolio of high-quality titles in print and digital formats, which together espouse a set of Humanist intellectual ideals. The company looks to become a reference point for original, erudite, and thought-provoking print and digital content across various subjects. Through a variety of media, Mirandola Media will harness a large network of creative talent to build a community of like-minded consumers who seek intelligent reflections and ideas on a given subject, and who wish to consume these ideas by means of a mixture of traditional and modern media formats.

Mirandola represents independent, secular, and critical thought

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463-94), Italian Renaissance philosopher from the Duchy of Mirandola (1310-1711; now the province of Modena). Author of the philosophical tract Oration on the Dignity of Man (Oratio de hominis dignitae, 1486), which has been considered a "manifesto of the Renaissance". Mirandola is an exemplar of Humanist thinking in 15th-century Italy; part of a wider European movement from the 14th to 16th centuries that was characterized by a stress on human rationality and capacity for free thought and moral action, and a rejection of theistic religion and the supernatural in favour of secular and naturalistic views of humanity and the universe.

Engrossed in Football

At the outset Mirandola Media aims to produce a single product: a high-quality, themed quarterly print publication on the subject of world football, entitled Engrossed in Football.

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