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So long as I remain alive and well I shall continue to feel strongly about prose style, to love the surface of the earth, and to take pleasure in solid objects and scraps of useless information.

George Orwell, Why I Write

Academic Writing

This section collects my published and unpublished writing on various subjects, including a sample from my doctoral dissertation. Navigate the menu above or click on the article headings below...


Examples of my work on the physical, professional, and ideological contexts that shaped Shakespeare's drama:

Chester Mystery Cycle

An article published in the Chester cultural magazine Tortoise in June 2017. The piece looks at the lasting influence on Cestrian identity of the Chester Mystery Plays, one of four extant English medieval cycles.

Brave New World

An article from 2014 on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (1932). The piece considers the novel in the context of the utopian / dystopian literary tradition, while also highlighting its close connection to the works of Shakespeare.

Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now

Articles about Joseph Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness and Francis Ford Coppola's classic 1979 film Apocalypse Now.

Major works and publications

A bibliographical list of my publications and dissertations / theses, with hyperlinks:

Gross, A. M. "'Ocular Proof' of Morbid Jealousy in Orson Welles's Noir Othello (1952)." Scripta Uniandrade 14.2 (2016): 43-56.

Gross, A. M. "'How ill this taper burns!' The Dramaturgy of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar at the Globe." Dramaturgias 1 (2016): 104-17.

Gross, A. M. "Satire and Estrangement in Huxley's Brave New World: Debts to More's Utopia and the Constancy of Shakespeare." (Re)Visões do Fantástico: Anais 2014 (2016): 26-35.

Gross, A. M. "'When Will This Fearful Slumber Have An End?' Representational Choices in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus on Television and Film." Estudos Anglo-Americanos 40 (2013): 87-100.

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